Picking an affordable electricity company and what to consider when doing it

by Donny on November 29, 2010

Affordable electric companyA residential electricity customer can find an affordable electricity provider by focusing less on the price and understanding how rate plans work.

Many electricity providers can fool you into a rate plan by making the price look cheap while getting you on the back end as they slowly raise your rate on you over a few months.

A typical trick involves a supposed affordable electricity offering a very low prices variable electric rate. This rate goes up on the customer over time as the rate had no specified period that it would be locked in for.

The worst example of this is when an electricity provider advertises a variable price and does not even honor that price the very first day the electricity service is switched on in the customers name.

The way an electric provider can get a way with advertising a rate the customer will never see is that there will be a stipulation that the rate in the ad is based on current market prices and may differ upon the actual switch date.

This electricity rate plan is by no means typical but it just shows how dishonest some electricity companies can be when advertising to the public.

We have done things the right way by making sure the electricity companies in our rate comparison chart are advertising accurate prices.

We have bundled in all fees and charges excluding taxes to make the comparison process easy.

When comparing electricity plans we recommend comparing fixed electric rates as variable prices are subject to change each and every month.

The easiest way to sign up with an affordable electricity company is to enter your zip code  to the right and stick with a fixed rate plan.

You will have price assurance with a fixed rate plan and will be able to easily compare electric company offers with each other to achieve an affordable electricity company for your home or business.

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