Electricity deregulation in California

by Donny on January 4, 2011

Even though California is a deregulated state, it’s not necessarily as easy for businesses to choose an energy provider as it might be in states like Texas and Pennsylvania.

More and more cities and towns are becoming deregulated.

If you’re in the market for electricity for your local commercial business, you may be able to choose the most affordable electricity company and rate in your area.

Being a deregulated state is an entirely new concept for Californians, which is why there is a cap in place.

This cap allows so many business owners in California to switch from the major monopoly company to a smaller competitor, maybe a little more local.

If authorities think there are too many switches, or it gets out of hand, they will put a stop to it.

In 2001, California experience what many people know as the California Electricity Crisis, and the big monopoly companies manipulated the system.

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