Saving energy 101

by Donny on November 30, 2010

Cutting down on electricity can help you save big.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Every now and then, we’ll cut everything out of our budget that we don’t think we need, and can do without for the mean time.

However, one easy way of saving money that people often don’t think about is ways to cut down on their electric bills.

It might be inconvenient to unplug all the lamps, TVs and computers when we’re not at the house, but it does make a little bit of a difference. After all, desperate times…

That being said, here are just a few ways of saving some money, and having something left in your pockets.

  • Again, turn off all your lights, appliances, and electronic devices.
  • While at the house or apartment, keep your binds and drapes close when getting hit directly by the sun.
  • In summer months, set your thermostats at 78 degrees or higher, and use fans as an alternative to the air conditioner.
  • When you’re not home, set the thermostats at 85 degrees or higher, and because you’re not at home, there’s no need to run any fans so turn them off before you leave.
  • Limit your use of your washer and dryer, dishwasher, coffee maker and other and all other appliances.
  • Don’t open and close the refrigerator if you don’t need to, and for the smaller meals, if possible, use the microwave as an alternative to cooking. Ovens take up more energy and aren’t worth using if you don’t have to if you’re trying to save money.
  • Finally, if necessary, look into switching electric companies. Here at Affordable Electricity, you can shop, compare, and choose your own rate and company for your home or business. Just type your zip code into the compare box and see what deals around you fit you best. For further questions, comments or concerns, give us a call at 1-800-971-4020.

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