Scranton, the Electric City

by Donny on January 24, 2011

The hit sitcom “The Office,” helped to put Scranton, Pennsylvania on the map.
Not many people around the country knew of the town with a population of about 71,944 before the show’s first season.

Scranton is the seventh largest city in the state, located in the Lackawanna County about 125 miles north of Philadelphia and about 75 miles north of Allentown.

Scranton has been nicknamed “The Electric City,” which is pretty ironic seeing as it’s in one of the few states that recently become deregulated.

In other words, residents and business owners in Scranton and other deregulated areas in Pennsylvania have the right and the ability to choose their own electricity rates and suppliers.

Prior to the deregulation, every area and an assigned energy supplier and consumers had no say when it came to who provided their energy, but now they have can choose from a number of suppliers depending on the location.

Like many other cities and towns in Pennsylvania, Scranton has a strong industrial foundation in the iron, coal and railroad fields. That foundation has led to what the city has today.

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