Venezuela experiences water and energy shortage

by Donny on November 30, 2010

As we experience tough times economic times, it’s important to remind ourselves there’s always somebody who has it worse.

In this case, we can point to citizens of Venezuela.

Right now, Venezuelans are going through a major recession due to a water shortage and lack of portable energy generators.

Despite being home to the world’s largest oil reserves, and the Orinoco River, the fourth largest river in the world, the Country has been force to ration water and electricity.

President Hugo Chavez blames the drought on El Nino weather, but others say it’s due to the president’s lack of preparation.

Since 2007, there have been six national blackouts, and demand for energy has increased by 4.5%.

To make matters worse, the majority of the power plants are out of commission.

The president urged his citizens to spend less time in the shower.

“Some people sing in the bath for half an hour,” Chavez said. “What kind of communism is that? Three minutes is more than enough!”

As relevant as a point as that may or may not be, the government has done nothing, if anything at all in the past to help preserve water and energy.

Having more resources than countries like Venezuela, we can be thankful for opportunities that we have.

We don’t have a shortage of water supply and we certainly aren’t experiencing aren’t experiencing a supply in electricity.

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